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Under the direction of Virgilio Martinez, a team of researchers travels across Peru collecting ingredients that grow on the banks of a river in the Amazon jungle, in the middle of the frozen Puna grasslands, or at more than 13 000 feet above sea level on a snow-covered mountaintop. The gastronomy of one of the four most megadiverse countries on the planet demands this type of expedition. At Mater Iniciativa, the biological and cultural research center behind Central Restaurante, we have come to understand that a plate of food will never be more important than the tradition of an ingredient.

Even more

Today, Central Restaurante could not function without Mater Iniciativa:

The work process of one implies the research and knowledge of the other. Through Mater's research we locate ingredients that we then learn to use in Central's kitchen.  Our motivation is to know the origin of those ingredients and tell their story from the beginning, and they are then presented to the world in the dishes we create.  It inspires such emotion to interpret what grows in our earth. The actions of Mater influence the soul of Central.



Acomayo, Cusco.

Every month, a group of Mater Iniciativa researchers travels to different places in Peru in search of knowledge. Walking through fog or under heavy rain, following the directions of members of the community, we discover an unknown ingredient. The link of trust with the producers allows us to get the best quality ingredients as well as learn the best way to use them.

At Mater Iniciativa, we have allowed the seasons of sowing and harvest to guide our path. The beauty of the ingredients has guided our curiosity to know the Earth. Each one of them enshrines a remnant of Peru's history, knowledge and tradition.
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